Been there...dated that guy.

Finding true love after 40 is possible, and I am living proof!

Just a few years ago, I was quickly approaching my 40th birthday. I was single and absolutely sure that “all the good men were taken.”

I would date a lot for a few months before totally giving up hope and going into hiding again. Hiding being: staying home every night re-watching The Wedding Date with a big bowl of Talenti Double Dark Chocolate gelato.

And when that got old, I would go on another cycle of dates. And after every bad date, I would be on the phone to California with my best friend dramatically declaring that I was “destined to DIE ALONE!”

I was meeting guys but I was not meeting the RIGHT kinds of guys:

There was the sex addict, the unemployed sex addict (Yep, two totally different guys!), the narcissistic actor, the guy who was proud he could drink a 12-pack of Miller High Life on a Tuesday after work, and the Canadian DJ who was 11 years my junior.

See any red flags there?

So my rock bottom moment was when the above-mentioned Canadian DJ (after having "gone ghost" for a week) called to tell me that he had been sleeping with a fan girl he'd met on Facebook all week, but that she had gone back to Canada and that I was "really cool" and he wanted to keep dating me.


The great thing about rock bottom moments is that it's your chance to get up and say,

"Yeaaaah.... No, I don't think so."

I wanted to be in a meaningful relationship. I wanted a guy who would love me, challenge me, and make me a better person. I wanted to be married.

None of those guys had the capacity to be a part of the quality, long-term-relationship I was looking for.

I decided that I was absolutely NOT going to settle!

So I dove head-first in studying dating and relationships. I interviewed my friends who were in great relationships and marriages. I picked the brains of my single guy friends to find out how they think. I read all the dating books and blogs I could find. I studied The Desire Map and got in touch with my Core Desired Feelings. And I got back into feng shui and studied how my environment was shaping and supporting my life.

And I created a plan to meet "my man."

Just 6 months after putting my plan in place, I met him, THE ONE! We were married in the summer of 2014. And he's everything I was looking for: he loves me, challenges me, and makes me a better person.

Oh, and he's super-hot too. ;)

So I started using my plan to help my single friends and acquaintances find their true loves. And it worked for them too! Now I share it with ladies like you: all single ladies out there who have given up hope, who are afraid they will never find the one and fear they will "die alone."

I share this work because I had these same challenges, I made a plan, and I found my perfect guy. And I desperately want to help you STOP DATING JERKS and FIND EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!

Your imagined life and love are possible! And they're waiting for you!

I’ll show you how to create the love and life of your dreams.

Get back your hope, energy, passion, and...



My Training

Certified Transformational Life & Health Coach


Health coach institute

The Transformational Coaching Method™ (TCM) Certification Trainings at the Health Coach Institute are advanced professional coach skills training that combine concepts and methodologies from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cutting-edge psychology, shadow work, family systems work, neuroscience, and spirituality. The skills I learned in the TCM Certificate and Mastery Certificate programs allow me to go deeper with clients and get extraordinary results.

I'm proud to be a part of the top 1% of coaches who know the secrets to creating lasting habit change in my clients.

Certified Relationship Coach


Robbins-Madanes TraininG

This is the official coach training school of the nation's #1 life coach, Anthony Robbins, and world-renowned psychologist Cloé Madanes, an innovator in relationship and family therapy.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and innovative therapy techniques, this training has taught me to help my clients learn to direct their own brains and become successful at anything they set their minds to.

The curriculum focuses on guiding people to overcoming their fears, improve their health, habits, and energy, and enhance their relationships.

It has taught me to help my clients break their destructive patterns and activate their internal drive for success. They move forward in positive ways and get faster results!

Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner

The Western School of Feng Shui™

Essential Feng Shui® is the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance your life. This school, with coursework created by bestselling author and renowned feng shui expert, Terah Kathryn Collins, offers the highest standard and most comprehensive Feng Shui education available in the United States.

I'm happy to incorporate the many skills I have learned in this training to my coaching and feng shui practice. Techniques, such as using:

  • the 5 elements,
  • yin & yang,
  • the ancient Bagua map,
  • ch'i flow and ch'i enhancements, and
  • space clearing


These practices have benefited my clients in many ways: from getting an early marriage proposal, improving their current love relationships, and enjoying deeper, better sleep. One of my clients even used feng shui to increase the wealth in her life and she received a surprise bonus check at work!